Family Matters Here

August 4, 2017 | from admin Comments Disabled

Family matters to God.  After all, family was His idea and His creation.  As a group of people who have come to have a personal relationship with Christ, we understand that God not only wants to impact our lives individually, He wants to impact our families.  That's why as a church we don't simply say it, we believe it, that the love of Christ compels us to share with others how to know and follow Jesus and celebrate the difference He can make in the life of a person and a family.  

We want God to use us as a fellowship to not only help individuals, but families in particular, to experince the blessings that can come when we're operating according to God's plans.  The ministries of this church aim to help families achieve not only their God-given purpose but experience more fully God-given blessings.  In short, at Gate City, your family matters!