About Us

Gate City is a church made up of people from different ages, races and stages of life.  We do not all share the same education, economic status, or family lineage.  What brings us together however is a shared commitment to Jesus.  That shared relationship makes us more than a collection or group of people, or even a church but a church family.

We are further united by a singular God-given vision and focus that we describe this way:  the love of Christ compels us to share with others how to know and follow Jesus and to celebrate the difference He can make in the life of a person and a family.  This vision shapes and limits what we do and impacts every ministry and how it is that we serve and worship God.

Our vision is intentional in using the word family.  We believe that the Bible gives us a clear, though not detailed, picture of what a Christian family can and should look like.  It is our desire as a church to help families achieve their God-given purpose and invest in them in ways that have a meaningful impact.

We recognize that Gate City is not the church where God may lead everyone in this area to, but it might be where He could lead you.  Accept this is our personal invitation to join us!  There's no substitute for experience!