Pastor Michael and Caroline will be leading “Finish Line Families.”  Why call it that?  Your family is heading to a destination of some sort.  It may be a good place or one that will lead you to live with regret.  It doesn’t have to be that way…God doesn’t want it to be that way for you.
Is this just another Bible study where we just think about theoretical concepts?  Not at all!  We’ll be using the Bible to think through some really practical subjects that could otherwise be traps for you and your family.  We’ll deal with topics like debt, discipline, how you can teach your kids the Bible, and how to protect against online threats.  
Who is it for?  Any adult who is…part of a family.  You don’t have to be a parent or have small children.  You could have no children, be an empty-nester or have a newborn.  Regardless of your stage, you have the ability to make choices and you have the ability to influence.  
Is there a cost?  No.  This is a completely free opportunity, but we do ask you to help us by registering so that we will have ample space and materials.  
Do you have questions?  Feel free to call Pastor Michael at 336-292-8672 or email him,