Gate City is offering in-person worship services in our worship center beginning at 10:30AM.  In-person Sunday School is currently suspended.  Services will be live streamed and you can find information about that on our Live Stream page.  If you plan to join us in person for these services, keep in mind a few things:
  • Only three entrances to the worship center will be open for you to enter. See the photo below.  The educational building entrances will not be open.  If you have a key, please do not use it to open those entrances.
  • Volunteers will open the doors for you, so please do not use the handles.
  • Use provided hand sanitizer as you enter.
  • Masks will be provided (either cloth or disposable) and should be used until you exit the building.
  • Once in the sanctuary, do not sit on any pew that has a stop sign and says, “Do not sit here.”
  • Every other pew will be closed which will create 6 feet of distance, but please stagger your sitting so that you are not sitting directly behind someone.
  • Only your family unit can sit together.
  • We understand you’ll be glad to see others, but no hand shaking, hugging or other personal contact outside your family group.
  • No childcare will be provided. If you are present with a young child and you need to leave the worship center, rooms are available in the children’s area of the educational building.  Only use marked rooms and rooms are limited to one family per room.  TV’s live streaming the service will be in each room so that you can still see and hear what is going on in the sanctuary.
  • If you leave the sanctuary, you will need to use hand sanitizer again before coming back in.
  • At the conclusion of the service, you will be dismissed by section to minimize congestion in aisles/hallways.
  • Both before and after the service please do not stand and talk with others in any of the lobbies or hallways. Once outside, feel free to talk and hang out as long as you want.
  • Volunteers with offering plates will be at the exits to the sanctuary to receive any contributions you may want to make. We still encourage you to take advantage of online giving through our website.  It’s safe, secure, fast and simple.